"Had I not created my own world, I would surely have died in others"  
- Anais Nin


Well I'm back and what a massive year I've had! It certainly has taken me quite awhile to reconnect with my site, just so much happening in our busy lives it makes it awfully difficult to sit and write about achievements and all thats been happening for Charmaine Lyons photography. So in saying that I think for memory sake I will work backwards to recall all the fun thats been present in life. 


The Meaning Of Life

Always a winner when I have the chance to exhibit and celebrate with life long friends and have the chance of meeting new ones. The Judith Wright Centre was the backdrop for Life Art WorldWides 2016 Brisbane Art Prize.
Cathy Condon and team showcased an amazing display of local and international artists all bidding for the grand prize of $10,000. Thank you and congratulations on such a successful evening and a huge congratulations to the winner of the 2016 BAP Aimee Nesbitt for her piece "Home". 

2016 BAP Winner Aimee Nesbitt  - HOME

2016 BAP Winner Aimee Nesbitt  - HOME

Thank you to my wonderful friends who came along to share the evening and support my work it means so much to have you all there. A big thank you to my dear friend and muse Fred Wilks, a brave and generous soul.

Submission 2016 BAP -   Title - Yin and Yang

Submission 2016 BAP - Title - Yin and Yang


I took the opportunity to capture BTS shots from a project my youngest daughter is working on. Currently studying Film and TV, Jemma's project requires her to prepare for the production of a music video clip. The project focuses on the challenges of youth in todays world. As a photographer I am blessed to have such a dramatic, thought provoking model at the ready.......certainly gives me the opportunity to capture some emotive imagery.


"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom"
- Anais Nin

January saw me finally come together to collaborate and with a young local makeup artist, Jacob. I spotted Jacob and a friend a few years back and photographed them for my 100 days of Happy project and vowed I would get him in front of my camera again. The urban backstreets set the scene for this amazing photoshoot where I spent a creative Sunday watching this young natural get his groove on.  


More conceptual fun with the #1 model, Jemma Grant. From the grungy atmosphere of our backyard shed to the serene landscapes that surround our home....theres always someone and somewhere to set the scene.


A collaborative exhibition opened at the Gympie Regional Gallery featuring the colourful art of Debra Dougherty, body art of Judith Spence, the designs of RACY & LUCKY and the millinery of The Devoted Milliner.
I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the behind the scenes styling, makeup and bodypainting for these gorgeous models who added a third dimension to this colourful exhibition by Debra Dougherty.
Huge thank you to Cindy Vogels for inviting me along to capture the colour and excitement of this amazing event.


 Winter Trees On Mary with our Live Artists Performance. 
Another energetic night filled with creative women doing what they love....
Thank you Cindy Vogels of The Devoted Milliner the brains behind the concept also the creator of this amazing headpiece, 
RACY & LUCKY design for the stunning outfit, 
Amina Whincop of Amica Whincop Art for her sublime backdrop. Katrina Stubbins-Grambower from Sunshine Adore for the stunning crocheted neck piece.
The very talented ladies from Your Serenity - Hair & Beauty Design, thank you Kiki and Meagan for your fabulous creative with hair and makeup.
Chanelle Jayne - model
Tony Kishawi for his coverage of this great event and not forgetting Tony Goodman the creator and driving force behind Winter Trees On Mary
Cheers to you all :)Thank you for an amazing night xx
Gympie Regional Council Gympie Women in Business Gympie Cooloola Tourism Gympie, Queensland


The first collaboration full of excitement and creativity.

Model - Chanelle Jayne
Stylist - The Devoted Milliner
MUA - Emily Arnell of Your Serenity - Hair & Beauty Design
Hair - Jessia Hoskins of Your Serenity - Hair & Beauty Design
Visual Artist - Backdrop - Amica Whincop Art

SCAR STORIES 2015/2016


Million Dollar Smile 

My charity work with Scar Stories continued seeing me photograph two more beautiful empowered women. In October of last year while exhibiting both my personal work and my ScarStories portraits for LifeArtWorldWide and the BrisbaneArtPrize I was fortunate to meet and photograph the beautiful Lauren. Full of energy, a Cheshire Cat smile and the perfect backdrop of Kerbside lounge bar we set out to capture the quirky, fun filled images below. Photographing Lauren was the perfect, relaxing end to my hectic day of exhibiting. 

"If theres an upside to cancer its that its made my relationships with people stronger and more meaningful" ~ Lauren




A steamy morning in January found the gorgeous Sarah wrapped in muslin lounging on the floor of my rather warm shed. I don't get to meet my sitters until the day they are photographed but for some reason I felt I had to place Sarah within a triangle. How wonderful it was to learn that being very spiritual herself Sarah embraced my ideas and thoughts which help to create these sacred and powerful images. The triangle a sacred symbol of healing and strength filled with prayer and love for the healing that I wish for her to receive.  Such an honour to photograph this beautiful empowering woman, so peaceful and at ease with her cancer.

"I went with it. I relaxed into it. Cancer became part of my spirit rather than something I was trying to get rid of or lock out" ~ Sarah


Solo Exhibition 

"For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn't understand growth it would look like total destruction." - Cynthia Occelli

Yes, my very first solo exhibition!! I had the utmost pleasure of capturing the portraits of a diverse selection of accomplished artists, at work and immersed in their chosen medium. Through visual documentation I introduced the viewer not only to the artist but to the intriguing and sometimes private and secretive work of the artists studio the, 'ATELIER', the space in which the artist conceives their ideas and births their creations, a place of both joy and angst.

If identity is found through desire then the work of artist Charmaine Lyons, a self taught fine art photographer, explores this journey to the letter. ‘Artists of the Atelier’ is Lyons first solo show, marking a pinnacle in her professional career. This exhibition presents her most recent body of work undertaken over the period of the past twelve months. Her work for Artists of the Atelier is testament to the integrity of her project. Lyons views the world through the lens of the female photographer. Meticulous in her attention to detail she seeks to understand and embrace her own identity as an artist through the observation and immersion in the processes of her peers. Lyons has specifically chosen the word ‘atelier’ over ‘studio’ for its allusion to a sense of mystery and the intrigue we hold for the artists’ work space; the inner sanctum. The experience of viewing an artists work, particularly those we are moved by often inspires awe and fascination… the wish to know more. This artist’s intrigue for other artists has led to her invitation to enter the private space of the studio of each of her muses to document their inner worlds. The collage components of the work portray the individual artist’s unique approach to their practice. It is the uniqueness and difference of each artist and their atelier which is the focus of Lyons' work. As a photographer Lyons struggles with day-to-day portraiture and emphasises there must be an underlying, gutsy reason to take a photograph. She looks for a message behind everything she does, to take the work beyond the personal to the universal. Her focus on the process allows for the evolution in the work to show itself, rather than fixating on the outcome. It is most apparent this project has been undertaken with the utmost care and respect for her fellow artists. The honour for her subject, which this artist holds, is evident in the open countenance of each of her subjects. Be assured the artists involved would never have opened their doors as widely if this had not been the case. There is a special unspoken language between artists; much is communicated between them with just a glance. We as viewers are invited to enter this private domain. At the outset of the project twenty-two artists were approached and photographed, Lyons’ criteria being artists who are based in the region. This artist’s intensely undertaken dedication to producing a body of work of the level of excellence presented here, has been produced via a long period of engagement. Lyons' expertise allows her to transform gruelling technical skills for editing and selecting purposes. Her use of light and attention to the formal constructs of her images at times lends an almost painterly element to the work. Her process has resulted in the paring down of material and the honing of her concept. The language of which has been revealed to her only through her absolute surrender to her investigation. As we come face to face with the artists presented in ‘Artists of the Atelier’, intrigue leads us to wonder at the intimacy and immediacy portrayed here. Perhaps it is the artist herself made visible through her own desire for identity?

- Meaghan Shelton 2015


A huge heartfelt thank you to the 2015 Artists of the Atelier involved in this exhibition. Without you it could not have become my reality.

Artist featured from top left to right Sam Keane, Peter Harris, Bambi Gosbell, Cindy Vogel, Ronda Rettke, Robin Hines, Sally Spencer, Nan Borscht, Christopher Hardwick, Ken Gailer, Kerri Atkins, Meaghan Shelton, Kym Barrett, Dion Channer and Pat Cale.

Continuing the Ateliers Project

Throughout 2016 I have continued to build upon this project photographing artists further afield. Stay tuned!

Alison Mooney  - Mixed Media Artist - Sunshine Coast

Alison Mooney - Mixed Media Artist - Sunshine Coast

Rob Roy  - Digital Photo Painter - Pomona

Rob Roy - Digital Photo Painter - Pomona

Amica Whincop  - Contemporary Australian Artist - Sunshine Coast

Amica Whincop - Contemporary Australian Artist - Sunshine Coast


 Life Art WorldWide  Light Space

Charmaine Lyons - Peoples Choice Award winning image. 

2015 Peoples Choice Award Winner    Title - Resurrection        

2015 Peoples Choice Award Winner

Title - Resurrection



'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest achievement' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest achievement' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I arrived to the sounds of Pink Floyd echoing from no. 19, the studio of local potter/sculptor and accomplished painter Peter Harris. 
An intriguing morning spent listening to and photographing this versatile artist, an artist who through his work shares his thoughts and opinions on controversial issues and tragedies that surround us today.
Working in clay since 1975 Peter is one of our regions Master potters. 
Such an honour to have been welcomed into his studio to spend time documenting his story and his art.
Thank you Peter.

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